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Why do your swivel joints have a shorter lifespan than others? Txuan Tips!

Some customers’ swivel joints last up to 10 years, while others break down after 1-2 years.What is it that shortens the life of the swivel joint?Tengxuan based on 20 years of experience in the service market, concluded that the main performance in the following:

1. The quality of the product is the source of the problem.

At ordinary times, we often receive some customers say that they have used a brand of rotary joint is cheaper, so the question comes, since cheap and used why would you choose to teng?A penny, a point, a good rotary joint is never afraid of comparison.Tengxuan adopts strict control over all suppliers, the key seals are imported materials, the parts are processed in strict accordance with traceability management, and the processing equipment mainly adopts imported equipment such as doosan and DMG, effectively ensuring the product quality stability and product consistency.

2. Unprofessional installation makes your device leak after starting up.

. It is important that the swivel joint is installed correctly.In general, customers have the following problems when installing swivel joints:

1) The coaxiality of the rotary joint and the equipment is not considered during installation. For the external support structure, it is essential to ensure that the installed rotary joint and the equipment are coaxiality, which is crucial for the use function and life of the rotary joint.

2) During installation, if the screw is turned with too much force, the device will easily deform after heating up, so that the sealing surface cannot be fully fitted, and the leakage will affect the service life.

3) The equipment was not cleaned before installation, and the welding slag and impurities left in the equipment damaged the sealing surface of the rotary joint, resulting in the failure of the rotary joint.Before installing the rotary joint, make sure that no impurities and residues remain on the surface and internal equipment.

3. Lack of daily maintenance can reduce the life of your product.

The equipment of a lot of companies will maintain every year, it is very beneficial to lengthen the life of equipment, but, many manufacturers do not have the consciousness that carries on regular maintenance to rotating joint, bring about rotating joint life to shorten greatly.We suggest that the rotary joint on the equipment should be maintained every year, such as water rotary joint, in the long term use process, impurities or scale in water is easy to stay inside the rotary joint, if not maintained for a long time, it is easy to lead to the failure to shorten the service life.The oil rotary joint is easy to produce carbon deposit because it is not cleaned when used for a long time.In addition, if the equipment is shut down for more than 2 months, it is recommended to start up once or twice a month. The running time is not too long, only about 2 hours.

Many customers use it according to their own habits, instead of keeping communication with the rotary joint manufacturer, resulting in some problems that could have been avoided. As a manufacturer with 20 years of experience in the industry, Tengxuan welcome customers to consult, we will be dedicated to answer your questions about the selection and use of rotary joint.