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Tengxuan Annual Meeting Came to a Successful Conclusion !

On 2th.February 2024 , Tengxuan Annual Meeting ceremony was held in Xiangmei International Hotel. Tengxuan Wuxi headquarters, Langxi factory and special guests gathered together to celebrate this gathering moment.


Chairman and General manager Li Jisuo made a wonderful work report on the theme of “Work together, Create the future”.Summarize the achievements and shortcomings of the past year, and define the future development vision and strategy. Innovation + Research and development, put forward the “three adhere” : adhere to internationalization + digitalization, adhere to high-end, adhere to long-term doctrine. The deployment of key tasks in 2024 recognizes everyone’s efforts, and mobilizes all employees to forge ahead and work together in the New Year to promote all work to a new level.



At the annual meeting, Tengxuan commended the outstanding teams and individuals in 2023.




The lucky draw in the annual meeting is exciting, lively, and prizes continue to share the surprises of the New Year. May good luck always be with you .






2024, we have the same goal, full of confidence, riding the wind and waves to continue the new chapter, the heavy responsibility to forge ahead, looking forward to tomorrow will be more brilliant.