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Company Profile


Our reliable sealing products have won the trust of customers all over the world, with a long-term and harmonious cooperation.

Tengxuan Technology is a leading company for rotary joints and dynamic sealing technologies in China. We specialize in the research and development of rotary joint, dynamic sealing and related products for steam, thermal oil, pneumatics, gas, hydraulic fluid and water appliances, etc.

Our heavy focus and investment in the research and development of special rotary joints and rotating unions resulted in the accumulation of more than 300 patents since 1999. Professional production lines have been developed meet customer’s demands and OEM requirements.

Tengxuan Technology is dedicated to providing superior solutions to various industries such as paper industry, steel industry, rubber & plastic industry, textile & fiber industry, non-woven industry, printing industry, solar energy industry, wood processing industry, petrochemical industry, construction machinery, machine tool industry, etc.

We always put quality first and are confident that not only our products but also our service can meet the requirements of customers all over the world. In order to provide joint solutions as professional as possible, we have formalized our manufacture procedures and processes in compliance with high and strict industrial standards.

Tengxuan’s Advantages

1. More than 170 experienced and dedicated professionals equipped with expertise and technology of Europe and the United States
2. A modernized workshop housing 184 state-of-the-art machines, including 41 CNC machines
3. Products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 standards
4. Employees in all departments are dedicated to excellence
5. Heavy emphasis on engineering, quality and technical support

Energy Conservation Technology

Tengxuan steam condensation system provides customers with rotary joints and siphon hardware that are energy-saving.

Developing History

After decades of evolvement and forging ahead, Tengxuan Technology has successfully developed into a professional supplier of rotary joints and sealing solutions.
1. Established in 1999 by the chairman of the board and general manager, Li Jisuo.
2. Korean experts developed high-speed rotary joints used in the paper industry in 2004.
3. In 2009, we start the cooperation with the world-famous steam and condensate system expert Ray Krumenacker.
4. Changed to be a publicly held (stock) company by the end of 2010.
5. ZEC Capital Partner injected capital in 2011 and is our third largest shareholder now.
6. Wuxi Guolian Financial Investment Group Co., Ltd., the largest capital management company in Jiangsu Province, with a market value of 16 billion USD, completed its capital injection in 2012 and becomes the second largest shareholder.
7. Completed IPO in Beijing Stock Exchange Market in Jan. 2014.

Client: Indian Maruti

Project: Energy-saving steam condensation system

Client: Indian Paswara Papers Limited

Project: Energy-saving steam condensation system, rotary joints and siphons for 4870/450mpm paper machine

Client: Malaysian Muda Paper Mills

Project: PM6 steam system for high-speed paper machine

Client: Thailand UTP

Project: PM2 automatic control system