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Tengxuan Technology is a leading company for rotary joints and dynamic sealing technologies in China. We specialize in the research and development of rotary joint, dynamic sealing and related products for steam, thermal oil, pneumatics, gas, hydraulic fluid and water appliances, etc.

Our heavy focus and investment in the research and development of special rotary joints and rotating unions resulted in the accumulation of more than 408 patents including 22  patent for invention.  Professional production lines have been developed meet customer's demands and OEM requirements.


About Us
About Us

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 Tengxuan Technology Sales Department bring the good news, and we continuously signed 7360/1500 special paper with Guangxi branch of Xianhe Co., LTD and Sichuan Fengsheng Paper 5600/1000 refined kraft special paper,Hefei Hongtu color printing 4600/800 high strength corrugated paper and Surface sizing preparation, feeding, pneumatic system, chemicals and other complete systems.     Papermaking sizing process is an important part in the papermaking process, which is related to the quality of paper. We have high product stability, technical professionalism and comprehensive strength, and have communicated with customers for many times about technical solutions, which have been recognized by customers, and…


Welcome Ilim group visit Tengxuan company, on the 26th. Mar. ,the vice president Mr Pan receives customers together with colleagues from the Foreign Trade Department, We discussed the steam rotary joint and paper system project cooperation. Mr Alexander Danilo has a deeper understanding of our production processes and quality, he very saitisfied with our product, and they have installed QGX090 steam rotary joint and it working very well, we will continue to strengthen cooperation. Thank you very much for the customer's recognition, we guarantee every customer satisfied with our product: quality high-quality, punctual delivery and competitive price, enabling a greater…


Yesterday, Tengxuan received a consultation from an end user, who needed to find a rotary joint model. As early as 2003, the customer purchased Tengxuan thermal oil rotary joints for their new hot rolling equipment. Unexpectedly,  Tengxuan rotary joint has been used by customer's equipment for a full 20 years! The orginal type RH3S-YF Tengxuan heat transfer oil series rotary joint is a kind of high-precision, well-sealed rotary part transmission, which plays an important role in improving the performance and efficiency of equipment. A rotary joint with a longer service life can undoubtedly save a lot of equipment costs for…

Tengxuan Technology Co., Ltd. Introduction

Tengxuan Technology (stock code: 430602) founded in 1999 which is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research , development and manufacturing of rotary joints and related hydraulic products.