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Tengxuan – High Quality Products Recognition Come From the Trust of Old Customers

Yesterday, Tengxuan received a consultation from an end user, who needed to find a rotary joint model. As early as 2003, the customer purchased Tengxuan thermal oil rotary joints for their new hot rolling equipment. Unexpectedly,  Tengxuan rotary joint has been used by customer’s equipment for a full 20 years!

The orginal type RH3S-YF

Tengxuan heat transfer oil series rotary joint is a kind of high-precision, well-sealed rotary part transmission, which plays an important role in improving the performance and efficiency of equipment. A rotary joint with a longer service life can undoubtedly save a lot of equipment costs for enterprises.

The wear-resistant materials for Tengxuan rotary joint includ imported seals and precision machining technology of the rotary joint can effectively reduce wear and seal more stable. More than 20 years of consistent excellent quality, so that users use no worries, thank you for choosing Tengxuan again!

New product type BWL series

Media: thermal oil Tem: 200℃ Pressure: 1Mpa Speed: 350RPM ; BWL type rotary joint is a kind of rotary joint specially developed by Tengxuan for medium speed and low temperature hot oil. The sealing surface is sealed by the balance sealing principle of hardened steel and graphite. A stable spring force is provided by a set of small springs that push the carbon-graphite sealing ring seal to compensate.BWL is equipped with drainage and safety protection devices, the leaking hot oil can be diverted to the heating equipment, avoid hot oil oxidation carbon will be stuck or scalded bearing.

Founded in 1999, Tengxuan has been accompanying customers for more than 20 years, and we are eager to accompany the majority of users for more than 20 years. 

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