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Analysis Of Several Problems In Using Water High Temperature Rotating Joint

At present, the highest temperature of the high-temperature rotary joint for water use in Tengxuan product is 100℃, which is widely used in the plastic extrusion and calendering industry. Domestic market a large number of high temperature water rotary joint , Tengxuan products and JWELL Group and other enterprises to support abroad is also very much. In the process of serving customers, we found that in addition to the reasons of the rotating joint itself, there are also problems in the following aspects:

Water quality is poor

We have seen in the customer site that some of the service environment is relatively poor, unscrew the metal hose, the water coming out is yellow, indicating that the water quality is very poor, once the impurities enter the contact surface of the rotating joint moving ring and static ring, it is easy to make the sealing surface scratches, thus leading to the leakage of the rotating joint.

Suggestion: To ensure that the water quality is clean, high temperature water into the water with high temperature rotaty joint, it is best to filter.

There are scrap iron and welding slag inside the rooler.

The new equipment did not clean the welding slag and iron scrap in the rooler before installing the rotary joint, these impurities are the major cause of the leakage of the rotary joint.

Suggestion: The welding slag and iron scrap in the roller should be cleaned before the rotary joint is installed in the new equipment. After cleaning, it is better to put the magnetic tool into the roller for inspection.

The siphon is too long, does not match.

The part of the rotary joint is separated from the housing. After being disassembled, it is found that the inner pipe extends into the rotary joint beyond 10mm as required by the drawing. Because the inner tube is too long to support the tail cover of the rotary joint, the inner and outer rings of the rotary joint bearing break apart under axial force, resulting in the leakage of the sealing surface of the rotary joint.

Suggestion: For the high temperature rotary joint used for water inlet pipe, strictly follow the drawing requirements. If the working condition is really special, communicate with the rotary joint manufacturer in advance and take customization to realize the special requirements of the manufacturer.